Step 1 – Discovering you and your ambition

You need to be sure that we are the right fit for you and vice versa.

We can’t help everyone. We help people who want to be helped.

That’s why our free discovery session with you is imperative to our process.

We need to understand you. We need to understand your situation, your ambitions and your motivations. Creating abundance for abundance’s sake is not a purpose. Our discovery goes deeper into your ‘why’ and make sure we understand your goals and dreams at an intimate level.

Step 2 – Time to set your goals and road map for success

We always start with the end result in mind and work backwards to your current position.

What are you trying to achieve? What does a successful outcome look like to you?

Do you want to pay off your own home in the next 5-10 years?

Generate a passive income of $150,000/year in retirement?

Or are your ambitions higher?

This is not about the property at all, the property is just the investment vehicle. It’s really  about how much money do you need per year to retire on and live the life you really want? How much will your retire on if you do nothing more than you are doing now, this will leave you with a shortfall, this figure $$$ is your WHY…

Step 3 – Building the foundations for success. Finance structuring for your property portfolio

Maximising your cash flow position and safeguarding your own home if you have one is our utmost priority.

You will have full access to our Finance Managers with over 15 years industry experience and property investors themselves, so they know how to best structure your finance to build a successful property portfolio.

Following this appointment, your preliminary assessment and structures will be mapped out so that you can not only buy one investment property but multiple properties.

Step 4 – With your goals in laser focus, your journey begins with your personalised property wealth plan

It’s time for your one-on-one consultation where we show you the power of your personally tailored property investment strategy. Your appointed CPG strategic consultant will go into depth to provide you with the rationale around each of your strategy’s essential considerations:

Step 5 – Research and recommended property options

Which properties on the market best meet the needs of your individual situation? We’ve got you covered.

To best achieve your clearly defined result we are continually conducting extensive research around potential high growth areas nationally. You will be at ease knowing we are constantly analysing the data to stay ahead of the curve in our ever-changing real estate market. Comprehensive, expert level research is critical to achieving results that outperform the market.

Step 6 – Continual education and portfolio reviews to add value through your successful journey

Your ongoing support and education is an essential part of your customised program.

Your strategy will undergo a full property portfolio review annually.

This review focuses on the four main components that will ensure you are receiving the maximum potential and performance of your assets: